Friday, July 14, 2006


Have you ever googled yourself? The subject came up with friends the other day so I thought I'd take a moment to record the hits that are actually mine:

A presentation I did in 2002
The Coldfire cpu discussion list
TurboRS, an Atari ST product I co-developed
An Atari ST question I asked once
An Atari ST answer I gave once
A Junkyard Wars disccussion
Seattle Kingdome demolition discussion
Some praise of my laptop (which has since broken)
My 10K race results (all two of them)
Newsgroup creation poll result
TAZ, the other Atari ST product I co-developed
Some praise of TAZ (it doesn't mention me, but yay!)
Results of a cutesy web applet (it, not me, generated the last sentence)

I'm luckier than most when it comes to isolating my hits, there's only two other me's out there, Kevin the dirt track racer and Kevin the clinical psychology student (and possible bartender).

Monday, July 10, 2006

Magic shadows

I've had a digital camera for over two years now and despite having shot over 3000 pictures with it, I haven't printed off more than 10 of them. And of course, of all the print photos I do have clogging the bottom shelf of my entertainment unit, probably less than 1/10th of them have ever been seen by anybody but Tam or I. A month or two ago, I decided to do something about it and started researching the various online services.

I've settled on flickr. For a mere $25/yr I can upload 2GB per month (no download or viewing limits) and have my photos stored untouched in their original format. People can view and get links to them in any size; I can put them into sets, drop a single photo into multiple sets, add them to group photo pools, tag them, comment on them, mark them up with notes, let everyone else do the same; and of course slide shows are available from just about any view. Yeah, I was impressed.

So for those of you who didn't notice the "View my photos on flickr" link added to the sidebar last month, you can now view my photos on flickr.


So this weekend was pretty uneventful.

On saturday night I took Tam to see Superman Returns. I'm never sure how much she gets out of the movies we see these days, and she was so fidgety after 90 minutes that I'll admit to being embarrassed by the ruckus we were making, but at the end she said she really liked the movie which is what makes it all worthwhile. I tucked her in and promised to see her on sunday, which always makes me feel better than when I leave my next visit open ended.

Saturday morning I got to go golfing again with our friend Rick. I met him and his wife Tracy through Tam when we first started dating (Tammy and Tracy were roomates before we met in college) and they've been friends of ours ever since, over 9 years now. When Tam's illness started getting obvious she pulled us back from everybody so there was a bit of a gap, but I invited Rick out to weekday golf with dad and we kept in touch that way for a while (until Tam was too sick and I gave it up to get her ready in the mornings before work). I haven't seen much of Rick and Tracy since then, in fact it was a year and a half ago that he and I last played golf and followed it up with thanksgiving dinner in the fall of 2004. This weekend I did dinner at their place after golf again, only this time it was barbecued ribs (awww yeah!) They've got a place out in the country now that I know Tam would love, so I asked if we could visit them in two weekends and they were happy to extend an offer.

Saturday night I was out of town again for a bit to catch up with some friends in Oakville, then sunday I had Tam back at home as promised. She's been getting difficult enough lately that we've filed to have her transferred back to Freeport to get her meds adjusted, but I'm happy to say that last weekend (when I dared to have her home overnight for the first time in months; something special for her birthday) and again this sunday, she was no trouble at all. On the way back to the nursing home I asked her about visiting Rick and Tracy's place and she was thrilled. I just hope nothing bad happens between now and then to cancel it, keep your fingers crossed.

For some reason I just never seem to be satisfied these days though. I had a great weekend with Tam and should be happy about that, but I think of all the parties I missed (the crew at Sutra Tiki Bar then TIL on friday, and Comfort Zone sunday where it turns out that Tamara & Candice had been -- I haven't seen them since our Miami trip back in March!) and I just feel bummed out. Next weekend I won't be partying either, my tile order finally came in last month and I really need to get it taken care of. Sigh... when did dancing my ass off become such an addiction again?

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