Monday, July 20, 2009

Talking to Myself

Well this was strange. Thanks to Google I've known for some time now that there are other me's out there, well today I got a chance to talk to one of them. Thanks to a typo in the e-mail address of an online purchase he'd made; I received the order confirmation of another me, including full address and phone number. Now I probably could have just deleted the e-mail, but I knew that shipping confirmations would be coming as well as follow-up spams, etc., and who knows; there may even have been another mistake on the order that he'd care to know about and correct; so the nice guy in me felt compelled to inform him of the error. It took me about an hour to get psyched up for it, but finally I called me to inform myself of my mistake. Weird. I asked me if I drove a race car, and it turns out that I do... nice to finally put a voice to the name I've read so much about.


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