Sunday, May 18, 2008

McDonald's new Angus Burger sucks!

Yep, I'm blogging another complaint. Sad, isn't it, when there's so many other things going on in my life that could use some lip service. Complaints are easy though; journaling's hard.

So today I was at the office catching up on work (it's not that we're busy, it's that I'm still mostly useless) and I took a break for supper, deciding to get myself a Big Xtra combo from McD's. Well I couldn't; like the Arch Deluxe before it and the McDLT before that; they've discontinued the Big Xtra. In it's place is a new Angus Burger, a "me too" rip-off of Harvey's latest large format sandwich; now made with that overly floury sandwich bread from their 'deli' offerings. I liked the red onions, the real slice of lettuce and (seemingly) thicker tomato slices; but the reality of that cold dense bun and the greasiness of a surface-fried patty that size were a huge turn-off!

Change sucks. And while I'm bitching about burgers and chain food...

Harvey's: The original fries fresh cut daily from locally grown potatoes that you had when I worked there in the eighties kicked ass! I understand that they cost a lot and you had to switch to frozen, but your first stab at frozen fries were remarkably similar and actually quite good. That seasoned crap you have now really sucks -- seasoned/crisped was an improvement for KFC but a real step backwards for you. You have the best cheap poutine ingredients in the business but they're completely wasted on the fries you serve now. I don't even order poutine from you any more because it's so awful on your current fries; so there go your heftier poutine margins. Do something about it.

Wendy's: Please switch back to your old Taco Supremo salad. Your current Southwest Taco Salad is horrible, the corn twists are too spicy for a salad and way too brittle; they actually tear up the roof of my mouth! The conventional nachos in the old salad also let you offer chili and cheese nachos as an alternative to fries, great on those days I was in a hurry and a side salad was too much like work. Assuming you fix that, then bring back the Spicy Cajun that you served as one of the six Dave's Favourites in the early nineties. I know you had to cut it because it was the only product in your lineup that used the Cajun mayonnaise and the stuff would expire before you could use it all and kept getting thrown out; but if you'd at least bring it back as a one-month special where novelty volumes would get around that problem, it would be great to taste one again from time to time. It was the best fast food chain burger ever, plus it gave you those red and yellow hot peppers that went so well on chili and cheese nachos. JalapeƱos; a bit too much for fast food joint food, red and yellow peppers; just right.

Sigh. Now back to work... just three hours left before Freedom.



At 8/30/2008 8:52 AM, Anonymous Doug Ferguson said...

Let's face it. The only reason to go to a fast food restaurant is because you have no time. Critiquing the food is kind of pointless because it's all crap. You need to start going to restaurants where they make quality food. They're out there. Usually they are not part of a chain. There is life beyond fast food.

At 7/20/2009 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, i googled "angus burger sucks" and this was the first hit.....

ordered the angus burger today to cash in on a was exactly as the review described-- an overtly, tough, salty patty overwhelmed by the bland, cold roll. Only plus....a real slice of tomato.

thumbs down....especially as the burger is $4.99 by itself or $6.09 with fries and drink.

I'd rather have two McDoubles for $0.99 each.


At 8/10/2009 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The angus burger patty is actually a block of salt painted to look like meat.
Avoid this pos burger like the plague.


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