Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Guess I owe you an update on the cemetery situation with dad. I got an e-mail on Nov 18th confirming that the stone has been located and placed. I asked if it was in the location where dad was interned last fall or in the location indicated on the map that Tammy and I had been shown when we purchased the plots; they responded that it was in the mapped location and also attached a picture showing the labelled vault in open ground (the urn is in the vault) with the stone beside it. While some might consider such a photo to be a bit grim, I was actually glad that they had sent it because my next question would have been if they had located dad as well as the stone. Without the photo I'd have had lingering doubts about whether dad was really with the stone or not, now my mind is at rest (yay!) So thank you cemetery staff; thank you!


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