Thursday, December 18, 2008

Re: "coalition government"-your thoughts?

I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I was all for it initially, mainly because it was a move against Harper and I'm pissed at him for calling the election sooner than he said he would. (Not that I ever liked/voted for him anyway, but at least he used to be a guy who did what he said he would do.) With the realization that the NDP and Liberals had to throw in their hat with the separatists to make the coalition work I have since been kind of against it, and certainly backing off a bit to let cooler heads prevail seems to be showing some progress.

In general the separatists annoy me... not because they want to separate (well, that does bug me some) but because they have no aspirations anywhere outside of Quebec; effectively making their sole purpose (since they'll never have a majority and aren't in it to win) to dilute the vote, thereby f'ing the rest of us over and making crap like this far more likely to happen. If there were separatists in the party outside of Quebec, I could respect them a lot more.

On the other hand, the separatists are the elected representatives of a large number of my fellow Canadians and do represent their hopes and ideals, and the coalition would give them the voice they'll never have as a permanent minority. Given that a coalition government is legal (and despite Harper's desperate pleas of dictatorship, 62% of us were for not-Harper) it might be interesting to see how this works out. At least for the eighteen months for which the Bloc pledged their coalition support, which is a longer period of stability than we're ever going to see otherwise. I really don't want another vote, as the results will be no more conclusive than the last vote that we should never have had.

In the end I suppose I'm nothing but a typical Canadian; too wishy washy and uninformed to take a real stand on the matter. But hey, at least I voted... and for 'not-Harper' at that.

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