Friday, July 14, 2006


Have you ever googled yourself? The subject came up with friends the other day so I thought I'd take a moment to record the hits that are actually mine:

A presentation I did in 2002
The Coldfire cpu discussion list
TurboRS, an Atari ST product I co-developed
An Atari ST question I asked once
An Atari ST answer I gave once
A Junkyard Wars disccussion
Seattle Kingdome demolition discussion
Some praise of my laptop (which has since broken)
My 10K race results (all two of them)
Newsgroup creation poll result
TAZ, the other Atari ST product I co-developed
Some praise of TAZ (it doesn't mention me, but yay!)
Results of a cutesy web applet (it, not me, generated the last sentence)

I'm luckier than most when it comes to isolating my hits, there's only two other me's out there, Kevin the dirt track racer and Kevin the clinical psychology student (and possible bartender).


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