Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last week, when I was young and stupid

So the Sonic grand opening was okay, once I was able to get in. My friends and I got there an hour late and had to wait in line for 2.5 hours, and we were paid ticket holders! It was so disorganized, and it seemed that the bouncers were deliberately making us wait so that more people would grease them. Bad form. Once in we were stuck in line again on these crazy narrow stairs to get up to where they took our tickets, and then it was another half hour to get our coats checked before we finally made it to dance floor level, just after four a.m. It got better from there though, the club's really nice inside and the music wasn't bad. You won't see it in most of the pictures (they were taken early), but by the time we got in at least half the dance floor was shirtless gay men. When I'm at 5ive I expect that, last Saturday night I didn't and it bugged me. It was so hot and everyone was so sweaty that it was just gross packed in among the shirtless. The crowd thinned a bit by nine though and I had a much better time after that, hanging about until just after noon.

From there I went to the beaches to split a joint with this girl I met in the club. Funny story, I thought she was 26 and she thought I was 30; she was 19. We had a good time anyways but it got more reserved once we knew each other's ages. Oops. The plan was for her to walk home and me to drive, but suddenly I was alone by the car watching her disappear across the street and couldn't remember our conversation. I felt like I had only dreamt it, the part of me that had been walking and talking was completely disconnected from the part of me that had any fucking clue. Had I come across as cool, creepy or just obviously high? Shit, I was too high to drive. Now what? I was in a strange park, alone and high. I still can't believe how hard it hit me; I just hung around alone and freaked out for another few hours before I could go anyplace. I'd called my friend Stacey in the meantime for advice and support (I'm new to this and had to find out how many more hours I'd be screwed for) so I went to see her afterwards, and she wanted to go to Comfort Zone. Sure, twist my arm. We left there at one a.m...

Yep, a rather amazing weekend.


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