Sunday, March 12, 2006

Success = failure?

I didn't wake up until about 10:30 today, so despite my change of heart that maybe I would pick Tammy up, that made it too late for getting her to church so I made myself a hot breakfast instead, followed by more housework and laundry. About 3:30 I had a new plan, I would go to the gym, then grab Tammy and take her for a visit to our friends Yas and Anne's place. Once I got to the gym though, I felt kinda bad about the abbreviated workout I did on Friday and thought I would do it up right. I started on the bike as usual but did my cardio routine instead of the usual short warmup, then the weights, then headed out for my first jog of the year. I took it cautiously and just did sets of 2 minutes jog, 3 minutes walk, and thought I'd do the short loop up Albert, along Bearinger and down the trail at Westmount back to Columbia. It turns out that when that much of each set is walking, the loop is anything but short. It was a 55 minute jog! By the time I got showered it was 6:00 and the gym was closing, and I thought I should head home first to have another meal before seeing Tam. Of course by the time I got home and had some dinner, it was 7:30 and that meant I wouldn't be getting to the home until 8:00 -- too late to get Tam out anyplace. On top of that, I am wiped out! It's been 2.5 hours since my workout and it still feels like my limbs are humming whenever I'm at rest. So I did it, I went the whole weekend without seeing Tammy. Back in the fall having a weekend to myself felt liberating, today it just feels like failure. I went nowhere, I did nothing... why couldn't I have made some time for her? Sigh.

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