Thursday, March 02, 2006


I left for work at 9:05 today (not quite my ideal but a half hour closer to it) and as I approached my car I noticed that the key cylinder was punched in. Again. The fourth time in its ten year life. Opening up the unlocked door I found bits of my steering column lying on the floor -- this wasn't just a break in, somebody had actually tried to take it! I quickly checked my inside pocket for the faceplate of my stereo and then panic hit me; I'd forgotten to take it in with me last night. So I sat in the car and noticed that the stereo was still there and checked the glovebox. It was ransacked but there was the stereo faceplate, so I'd at least remembered to remove it from sight. (So then why didn't they steal my stereo?)

My brain started slowing down a bit and I called the police to file a report. When I gave my address it's obvious that they know my building (it's 18 stories and has it's own postal code) because they ask my unit number and if I'm parked in the underground or not. I tell them that yes I am and give them the other details, then they ask if I've reviewed the camera footage with the supers yet. I haven't, so they give me an incident number and tell me to call back to let them know if there was any evidence on the tape. We just got new supers yesterday, and when I talk to them they tell me that they don't think the cameras are recorded because there's no tape in the VCR, and they were given no instructions regarding it from the previous supers. Fuck! I know they used to record the cameras because I reviewed the tape three years ago when my car was broken into -- it really pisses me off that they don't do it now. (But what should I expect from the people that wouldn't clean the carpet their servicemen messed up, and then had the nerve to complain to me about it?)

The supers then volunteered some extra info, apparently another car was actually stolen last night! So here I am sitting at work without a car, having bummed a lift off a friend, because it's possible that the police may actually want to dust my car for prints due to the other theft. An officer is going to call me back about that, but it's been four hours now and I haven't heard from them yet. Sigh.

And I was supposed to be driving friends up to Keswick tonight...


At 3/02/2006 1:31 PM, Blogger Onanite said...

I know how that feels, and it makes me sick it happened to you. I hope they catch the bastards. Good luck.


At 3/02/2006 1:36 PM, Blogger ...K said...

Thanks! For that, and for the knowledge that somebody else actually reads my blog. ;)


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