Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's a presence!

So back in December, I had this issue where my front hall needed cleaning because the kitties had whizzed on the carpet when some workmen left the door to the utility room closed, and the poor cats had nowhere else to go. I'd reported it to the superintendents who promised that the work was bonded and that the carpet would be cleaned, but it never happened. It got worse and worse until I cleaned it myself as best I could.

Well that wasn't good enough because it has continued to stink, attracting at least one of my cats to re-offend, which of course just makes it stink more! I've used a steam cleaner, special enzyme formulas made just for pet stains; put baking soda on it, used odour reducing sprays; still the problem continues. It's a presence!

Well now the damned issue has escalated... In my mailbox yesterday was a formal letter of complaint from the property management company. The same people whose bonded workmen caused the issue when they replaced my front windows that didn't need replacing. (In the 'Do your windows leak and need replacing?' survey they sent around, I had responded no.) The same people who said they'd get my carpet professionally cleaned and then never did. Just think, if people are complaining about it out in the hallway, what the hell is it like for me in here?

Today I embarked upon the final solution, and ordered ceramic tile and all the fixings from Home Depot to replace the front hall carpet. After that I wrote a rather pointed letter to my fine management company, explaining the situation and attaching a copy of my Home Depot order for good measure. The tile will take about two weeks to arrive (can you believe that plain white is a special order?) during which time my funky unit will continue to offend, so I wanted them to know that, yes seriously, I am fixing it.

Am I wrong to be really pissed off about this? I've complained to them several times since my initial report and they've done nothing, now they have the gall to formally complain to me about the exact same fucking problem! Hello? Of course, blessed be to the condo gods, there's nothing I can really do about this. I could move but all it would do is cost me a lot of money in legal fees and closing costs, while someone else would move right back in and supply them with the same monthly dues that I did, not affecting them one iota. This just sucking fucks...


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