Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No more sketchy people

So on Sunday I headed into Comfort Zone for my friend Adam's birthday. The original plan was to get there at six a.m. because he had to work at two, but since I only got home around five thirty that was pretty much out of the question. I got to the zone in the early afternoon to discover that he'd gotten out of his shift and hadn't been there for too long yet himself, so then I didn't feel so bad. Of course Ash and Amy called in the morning to see 'if I was going to zone today and could you give Jess and us a lift home'... whatever; I was there and would be heading home at some point so what the hell.

I was at zone for about two hours and had run into Jess but saw no signs of Ash or Amy, when Adam and Tammy said that they wanted to go to their place for a while. It being Adam's birthday and my trips to TO being more about the friends than the places, I tagged along and gave them a lift. We picked up Subway for dinner (thank god, I hadn't had much to eat all day) then went back to their place to eat. We weren't there for more than five or ten minutes when Ash and Amy called with this big emergency. Amy was having a bad trip and had to go home right away so could I come get them? Fuck that... I told them I was going to at least finish dinner first then figure out what I'd do. They called back in a couple of minutes and I side-buttoned them, and then they just kept calling and calling and calling. I ignored them until we were done dinner and were ready to start heading back to zone.

On the way there I finally called them back, only now the story was that they were on the other side of town freezing and broke, could I come pick them up? Argh. I should have said no but Jess was with them and she's really sweet so I decided what the fuck, I'd go grab them. Tammy came along too to reinforce the fact that we were going back to the zone and not home. When I picked them up, sure enough, Amy was tripping huge; and her and Ash just kept whining, bitching and yelling that they had to go back to Kitchener, while Jess shrank back into her seat and wished she didn't know them. I tried to pawn them off on everybody in TO we knew but couldn't get a hold of anyone who wasn't at Comfort Zone or otherwise unavailable. Tammy, Jess and I just wanted to go back to zone but Ash and Amy were being such shits that I finally dropped Tammy off with the promise to come back next week for her birthday.

On the way home Ash and Amy were like 'big deal, it's only partying, we'll make it up to you'... Fuck them. They have no idea just how much I needed to check my brain at the door this weekend.

That's it, I'm done, from now on no more sketchy people!

(Except me... When I'm partying... Bwahaha!)


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