Thursday, December 15, 2005

Free admission

Today at lunch it started to snow and it's still snowing. Most of my coworkers are bitching about this, and the headline in the Sun said 'more terrible snow' or some other bullshit doom and gloom, but you know what? Fuck 'em! How often is the whole world your theme park? Snow ball fights, snow men, snow angels, tobogganing, skiing, outdoor rinks, and especially; with now being December; the shimmer of falling flakes and a fresh white blanket elevating christmas lights to their magical best.

The part people bitch about most is actually the part I like best; driving. The entire city is a go-cart track and the admission is free, though to be honest I'm a bit disappointed with myself. Ideally I should dive into a curve, touch hard on the brakes with a bit of countersteer to get the whole thing yawing (with a ready hand at the parking break for backup), then power out with the front wheel drive before getting passed by my own back end. At least that's what too many WRC daydreams keep telling me. The reality of my hour and a half ride home (I took every side street whose entry corner didn't require a stop, for the sheer lure of the curves) is that while I was more aggressive with the snow than pretty much everyone else, my corners were still cautiously broad and shallow with far too much reliance on the parking brake for thrills, when I couldn't produce anything interesting through finesse alone. I think it's mostly a subconscious fear of repair bills, perhaps with proper corporate sponsorship I could be a lot more daring...

This has got me more energized than I've been in a long time; sucks I've got no one here to share it with. Typing away in the scent of Victoria's perfume that I picked up during that dance at Roxxannes doesn't help either.


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