Friday, December 09, 2005

Too bad all I had was a camera

My nice comfy 11:00 a.m. flight from Minneapolis to Toronto was cancelled (no plane available, due to the storm that shut down the east coast the night before) and I was re-routed through Chicago on a flight that didn't leave for hours and hours.

While waiting in the gate lounge a ton of people stormed the windows and I overheard words like 'motorcade', but dismissed them and went about the merry business of killing time until my next flight. About a half hour later I got up and looked idly out the window, and no fucking shit, there was air force one! I've always figured somebody should take a shot at Bush Jr., it turned out to be me but all I had was a digital camera...

I think they know he's unpopular because it left within an hour, spooling up at the nearest end of the nearest runway and taking off like a bat out of hell in the opposite direction to all the other planes, prevailing winds be damned! A pretty cool show of force.

Ah the dumb accidents of life...


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