Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mmm, fresh cookies

Ever heard of Midwest Airlines? Me neither, but apparently if you're flying to or through Milwaukie and/or Kansas City, you too can fly Midwest. The jet was small (a Fairchild 328, which I'd also never heard of) but the service friendly, and instead of the ubiqitous pretzels we were offered Pringles chips and chocolate chip cookies. And oh what cookies they were! Large with lots of chocolate chunks (not chips), and served warm and moist from a tray (not prepackaged).

The landing was interesting too. The plane's nose was pointed at the ground (mostly lake Michigan) until the last possible moment before touchdown. I guess that keeps the crash site nice and neat.

Will I fly Midwest again? Well no... but how often do I touch Milwaukie or Kansas City?


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