Saturday, December 03, 2005

I don't wanna...

So today I was at the nursing home's christmas bazaar to sell amaryllis kits for the Huntington Society. The society's social worker thought of the idea at the last minute so there were only eight kits available, but this was just a pilot to see how well the idea would work. The real plan is to get all the nursing homes in her area with Huntington's patients (about 30 of them) to incorporate amaryllis sales into their bazaars next year as part of the annual campaign. I'm happy to report that all eight were sold within the first hour.

Tam's mom was down for the event as well to take Tam shopping while I manned the table, and as usual at such a thing, Tam bought a ton of stuff and had to be talked out of buying a whole bunch more. Tam lives for christmas and usually has her gift shopping started by april. Her HD progression has slowed this down a bit but not much, by mid-july the top of our wall unit (the traditional gift storage area in our one-bedroom existence) was already starting to fill up. Since her exposure to shopping is limited these days, it's mostly inexpensive crafts from the nursing home tuck shop; so of course when we got around to assigning, wrapping and tagging it there was a lot of stuff that we don't really want to give to anybody. Thanks to today, that pile of unwantable stuff has grown. Joy.

Anyways, I left the nursing home at about 1:00 and Tam wanted to come home with me. She was midway through the feeding tube and tired out to boot, so I left her with the promise that I'd be back at 7:00 tonight to have her home overnight, and for her first full day tomorrow hooked up to the tube at home (now that I know how to do it). Dumb idea. I caught the late showing of the latest Harry Potter flick last night (good one, way better than that Chamber of Secrets crap) then stayed up until 5:00 a.m. with a combination of web and channel surfing, then of course was up at 8:30 to head in for the flower sales.

Since arriving home this afternoon I have done nothing but more channel surfing, cat napping and magazine reading, and am even more tired. I have not done the grocery shopping required to sustain us for the rest of the weekend (literally, I'm down to just Brita water), nor have I installed the cat door to the laundry room like I meant to today. Back story: My windows were replaced thursday morning and the workmen left the laundry room door, gateway to the litter box, closed. I arrived home to a front hall funky with cat whiz that I have not yet had the energy to do anything about. Although the superintendents know about it and have promised me a free steam cleaning, in the meantime it's only getting funkier. I digress.

So yeah, I made this stupid promise to Tam and I could break it; I want to break it; but what would I gain? Nothing really, odds are that I'd continue to do sweet fuck all for the rest of the weekend and just end up hating myself for it afterwards, re: useless. So with this blog as my inspiration to get my ass up off the couch, here I go to head out shopping, hydrating, dinner eating and Tam collecting. But I don't want to.

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