Saturday, December 31, 2005

Soon my dear, soon

So I was about to call the nursing home to tell them that I'd be picking up Tammy around 8:00 tonight, when I noticed a message on my machine. It was the home, asking me to call back; urgently.

I called and got a hold of the nurse, apparently Tammy was being extremely difficult today. She kept repeating that nobody wanted her and was fidgeting to the point that she was sliding out from under the seat belt and fell out of her chair. She wouldn't talk to the nurses, wouldn't let them help her back into the chair, and wouldn't let them get her into bed. They had to put a pillow under her head and just leave her there lying on the floor.

They hoped that if I talked to her she would calm down and cooperate, and held the phone up to her ear. I told her I was sorry that I couldn't pick her up earlier but that I was busy cleaning up the front hall where our sick kitty had whizzed, and that it was taking longer than expected. All true, and she did know about the problem with our cat. I told her I was picking her up tonight and that we'd be going to Yas' place for his new year's eve party like we'd planned. (I've been asking her about that party for weeks without getting an answer, then wednesday she phoned me at work asking if we could go; it was so sweet.) She didn't answer me though, so I just kept repeating that, and that I loved her, until the nurse picked up the phone again.

I've got my dinner on now then I'll be off to pick her up. I wonder how she'll be when I get there???

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