Tuesday, January 03, 2006


So yesterday I had a whole day off and full of promise. I slept in until noon, had some breakfast and then thought about what I wanted to do. I settled on the concept of 'me time' and started off by grabbing The Incredibles dvd I'd rented the week before which was due back at 6:00 pm.

It began as "I'll watch it with the director's commentary", turned into "I'll watch the features that the commentary mentioned", leading to "they're hard to find, I'll just watch them all", followed by "knowing what I now know I think I'll watch the whole movie again", and finally "lets play the end credits over and over just to listen to the great musical score." I ejected the thing at about 5:45, threw on some clothes and hoofed it to the video store, managing to get it returned just in the nick of time. After that it was McNugget time because I'd had a hard-on for them since last Thursday when the drive-through speaker was broken and the line moved so slowly that I waved off and did Taco Bell instead.

When I got back home I started feeling real guilty about all the phone messages that piled up over the weekend, but half of them would be long distance calls, I've got no minutes plan on my land line, my cell phone's been dodgy since thursday, yada yada yada; so I let them all slide. Sorry everyone -- hope you read this and understand. Especially two of you who are waiting on some christmas presence. ;-)

So I ended up attacking the housework and actually got caught up on quite a bit, then decided to hit the hot tub to unwind before they closed it at 10:00. I got there and did the lengthy shower thing first because I hadn't had one since Saturday due to the weekend Tammy trauma, then went to get into the tub and realized that I needn't have bothered -- the water was so cloudy I couldn't even see the bottom of the thing! Ewww. I reported it to the supers and went back into the apartment... what to do, what to do?

Shazam! Blog!

I'm so behind on this thing and there's so much to tell. I got the new year's post done shortly after midnight then set out to backfill some christmas posts. That led to a trip down memory lane and the perfect FAO Schwartz photo that I just had to link to. Unfortunately it pre-dates my digital camera and was buried in one of about 40 envelopes in the photo drawer, and it took about three hours to find. (Shutup, you've got a drawer just like it!) Then of course it had to be scanned in, trimmed, resized and balanced; along with a bunch of other cool memories I found along the way, which then had to be e-mailed to the guilty parties; etc., etc., etc.

When I finally finished the christmas post it was 4:30 am and I headed straight to bed. Ooops -- it's a workday and what do you know? I was late again... damned if I haven't gotten good at that lately!


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