Friday, March 03, 2006

Mobile crime scene

Well I was ready to leave for work this morning with no idea who my ride would be, so I called the police back to see if I could use my car. The desk guy kinda laughed and said that if they hadn't followed up by now, they weren't going to. So I drove my car into work... other than the steering wheel making funny noises from vinyl rubbing against out-of-shape vinyl it's fine, though while driving on the expressway I had this sudden mental image of the airbag deploying.

Just in case an officer does follow up, I'm leaving the trunk completely alone. I checked it yesterday using just the force of the key in the keyhole to open and close it to avoid touching anything, and the thieves ransacked the trunk too. My socket set was opened up and the stack of service receipts in the dealer folder dumped out, I guess they were looking for a spare key to steal it with. I figure the cops could get prints off of some of that stuff if they cared enough to bother.

I also noticed last night that the passenger side lock cylinder was also popped in, so if I locked my door by force of habit when I parked at work this morning, well, I'm locked out. I can always get in through the trunk if I did that, but then bye bye crime scene. Ah well, I highly doubt that the cops will be getting back to me.

As for damages, insurance will cover it so it's paid for on my own dime amortized over several years worth of rate increases; rather than on my own dime; so that's good. Oh wait...

Update: Yep, I locked myself out when I parked at work today; had to go in through the damned trunk. Watch me get charged with stealing now...


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