Saturday, November 12, 2005

To quote professor Farnsworth...

Great news everyone!

Well the doctor came in and told me that Tam's procedure went off without a hitch, and that she should be discharged tomorrow. I brought up the home's concerns about not having the supplies to tube feed her yet, and also that she's only gotten one meal down in 48 hours and is probably too weak to eat normally, and so will require the feeding tube to regain her countenance and should probably be kept for observation. Boy did he get right cheesed!

"Well they knew that's what she was here for and they should be prepared. People don't believe we should give up precious surgical beds for this type of procedure in the first place and we certainly can't babysit her here over the weekend."

Well hello! We thought we were only coming in for a meeting and that she _might_ get the procedure this weekend. Sigh. He's going to call the home tomorrow and hash it out with them, which is fine by me because being the middle man in this little shindig SUCKS LARGE! (And I'll bet that the home can scare up the supplies if they really have to anyways. They've done it before when Tam's come back from the hospital on a weekend with a new prescription.)

Despite the grief, a huge thanks to Dr. Kilmurry, Jen, Melissa, Colleen, Ron, Mary-Anne and all the others whose name tags I wasn't fast enough to read.

So now Tam's transfering from recovery to her room (for all five minutes that they'll keep her in it from the sounds of things) so goodnight monsieur blog, for I am going home to bed.

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