Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WinAmp pisses me off sometimes...

So yesterday I ran WinAmp and it prompted me that a new version was
available, so I downloaded it. Why? Because apparently they've
bloated it to the point that it's now so net connected that it has
it's own security vulnerables. It's a @#!! mp3 player people, what
were you thinking???

So anyways, I install it; and does it transparently re-install with
all the settings intact? Shit no! I have to walk through the wizard
all over again. I carefully tell it not to support any video file
extensions other than it's own, then get asked again if I want audio
and video support, and say yes to video so that it will at least
handle it's own format. So what happens today? I've got a long
playlist loaded up that I'm somewhere in the middle of, open an .asf
video file (Microsoft format) to show somebody, and it opens in bloody
Winamp! Now my playlist is no longer loaded, and sure I can re-load
it but I'll no longer be in the same place that I was, unless I want
to scroll through 5000 songs or so to find it.

Why why why why why did it open in Winamp when I carefully walked
through the wizards (again, just like the last five times I installed
an update this year) and told it only to support it's own format?
I've been a winamp fan for a long time but lately it's really starting
to get on my nerves, and it's only a matter of time before I dump it.
Thanks WinAmp guys for fucking up a good product...


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