Sunday, November 06, 2005

I blogger

So that's it then, I've started a blog. There's so many heavyweight things I've always wanted to post online... will I ever actually get to any of them? Who knows.

Snapshot: It's 10:33 and Robocop 2 is playing on Spike. Apparently there was a Robocop 3 (I watched it earlier today) who knew? In between them I went to the theatre and saw Doom and had dinner, and now it's official -- I know that New York Fries' hotdogs suck, and will not be tempted to order them ever again.

Reality: So I didn't see Tam this weekend. Friday night I hung around the office too long, and by the time I had dinner and got to the nursing home she was already in bed. My cold has still been murder and I didn't want to be there too long (don't want to infect the other residents) so I resolved to pick her up Saturday morning after breakfast. Only I stayed up until 6:00 a.m. watching who knows what (well, some of it was porn on Mxcess) and didn't wake up until after lunch -- and then my cold was worse with a lot of coughing and general death wishiness. So I called the home and told them I wouldn't be in, and cancelled all my weekend plans. I got caught up on a lot of reading this weekend (September and October's PopSci magazines). I also thought I'd make it to the urgent care to get some antibiotics but procrastinated my way out of it. Some days I hate being me. What else? Picked up my clothes at Just For Him and dropped off the two pair of pants that need hemming. Sigh. Boring pants come in just the length you need, the good ones only seem to have one length per waist size and they're always too long (yeah, yeah, if my waist were smaller it wouldn't be an issue). Anyways, today's efforts consisted of getting caught up on the mail and bills (took over an hour for three weeks worth! I hate being an adult) and finally got the kitty stains cleaned up in the front hall. I also took a call from the home, Tam was quite despondant and difficult because I hadn't see her. I knew that would happen and I hate it, but I did the right thing by staying away, didn't I? I mean, part of me enjoyed not having to deal with the responsibility this weekend, even revelled in it, but then on the flipside I feel so depressed about doing that to her. Oh well, I called mom and she was going to go in and visit her, with dad's approval, I hope she got it and saw her. Tammy I love you, I miss you, and I'm sorry. Tomorrow I'll get those antibiotics taken care of, I want to see you again.

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