Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's not over til it's over

No sooner had I clicked send on my last post from the car, when I realized that I couldn't get out of the hospital garage without $5.00 change. I turn around to go back in but the main door is now locked, so I pick up the phone to get buzzed in. The ever helpful switchboard tells me to go to emergency -- deja vu all over again, but easier this time as I no longer have a Tam in a wheelchair with me, and can use the stairs. Down in emerg the change machine is of course broken, so it's another trip through the verboten inside passage up to the main entrance, only to encounter a machine that bears extreme prejudice against my only $5.00 bill. Fortunately there's some gentlemen hanging out by the entrance, and I swap fives with one of them to try again. That should be it right? Nope, the machine's not taking that one either, though it courteously accepts all manner of swearing without complaint. Will this stupid night ever end? Well okay, I shouldn't have stressed out because the same very fine gentlemen (no doubt card carrying members of the VeryFine Juice Patrol) also have five bucks change. Finally I can get into the car, head home, and leave this wretched night behind.

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