Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yay, I jogged again

So a few weeks ago I ran the Oktoberfest 10k, which was like a HUGE DEAL because I dislocated my kneecap back in March. (I like to dance really hard but apparently there's a too hard -- I never got the memo.) Of course there was a long road to recovery involving tons of physio (woops, I still need to claim the last two months worth!) and many weeks of training. In the week or two before the event though, work got real busy and I missed a bunch of training. I had done the 10k distance and had covered more than my target time, but always in intervals of run/walk -- the event was the first time since the incident (since the 2004 event come to think of it) that I would go the distance non-stop. I was confident I could do it but a bit fearful as well.

As it turns out I had nothing to fear, I beat my previous year's time by two minutes, and with a gammy leg to boot! So that wasn't a problem, but then I compounded it. My friend Tamara was leaving the country for six months or more, and we'd talked about getting together for one last round of partying that weekend. I couldn't make Saturday night because of the race the next day, but damned if I was going to miss Sunday afternoon! I dutifully headed to Toronto and made my way to Comfort Zone (because it's comfortable), where I ran into a whole bunch of people (everyone except Tamara, basically) and danced my ass off until the wee hours of the morning. Beyond them actually... I think it was 2:00 a.m. when I left for home with my friend Stacey in tow, and we stayed up watching cheezie movies until probably 10 a.m. (Yes, I called work and took a vacation day -- lord knows I've got enough left of them.)

So anyways, day end I take Stacey back to Toronto and call it a night but here's the thing. My leg was hosed! (Well okay, it was hosed by the time I left Comfort Zone.) So short story long, I didn't jog for two weeks. Then I went to Comfort Zone again, danced my ass off more and my leg survived, but I caught my usual danced-and-went-outside danced-and-went-outside nasty ass cold, and have been struggling with that for over a week, so still no jogging. So today I finally made it out jogging -- it was cold as hell, had been thunderstorming all morning, and was still misty rain, and I tried to bag out of it by calling Shannon to see if she wanted to do coffee over lunch, but THANK YOU SHANNON! She was busy, and I actually jogged. 11 intervals of 3:30/1:30 jog/walk and a distance of just over 8k. My triumphant return. Sigh.


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